Studio & Spa

Enjoy any of the services below with an experienced student who has had at least 300 hours of classroom and training time. All students are under the supervision of talented and experienced instructors.

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Pedicure: $20 Vinylux™ $25 Shellac™
Manicure: $10 Vinylux™ $15 Shellac™
Facial: $20
Makeup: Please call for details. Service is limited to meeting course objectives.
Hair Cut
Ladies: $10 Gentlemen: $10
Blow-Dry Style: $10+ Pressing: $25+
Therman Style: $10+ Event Style: $15+
Haircolor: $30+
Create: $35+ Remove: $35+ Smooth: $70+ 

Massage Therapy

Table Massage (30 Minutes): $15 Chair Massage (15 Minutes): $10 Paraffin Dip: $15
Table Massage (60 Minutes): $30 Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes): $40 Heat Treatment: $10
Semi-Pro students perform all services
Foundational service values are listed; total service cost cannot be quoted pre service due to individual guest expectation & satisfaction, additional service cost may occur based on product usage. We strive to exceed your expectations and your satisfaction will remain our top priority